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Glamour: You picked such great songs to be the chapters of the book.Are there any that you cut or wish you included, or are you happy with the soundtrack you put together?Were there any difficult dynamics in trying to make her music your own?My concern was, yeah, her music is so unique and specific to her.And yes, it makes her look a bit like a glamorous bumblebee. Premiere of #battleofthesexes @battleofthesexesmovie and I'm striped and hyped.(Maybe she took some fashion inspo from Kristen Bell? :) @kevinbeisler @brandoncreed @joetipps A post shared by Sara Bareilles (@sarabareilles) on is the true story of Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs, who played each other in a co-ed tennis match in 1973.I saw the film and I was like, “How am I going to do this? Jessie Nelson, our book writer, is so aware and so in awe of Adrienne's work. We've been calling it the Hamiltons, instead of the Tonys. If I get invited to the Hamiltons this year, I will be thrilled. I had some pecan pie that came backstage a couple weeks ago. Everyone thinks that people bring us pie everyday but it actually doesn't happen, and I'm not encouraging it to happen.

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Mueller spoke with about how the all-female team influenced the show (“There were things that we were really comfortable talking about . I read that when you first came to New York from Chicago, you really didn't want to be a waitress. I was like, “I want to act, I want to keep working,” and I felt like if I came here, I’d have to become a waitress. How does that change how you feel as the show is opening? A director came to me and said, “What would you think about working on this? Of course, I feel pressure to an extent, but I try to think about it more like a responsibility, because this is a very special show. The female characters were so layered and everybody was a little quirky and broken.

, the stage adaptation of Adrienne Shelly’s 2007 indie film about a struggling small-town wife who copes with her abusive marriage by whipping up orgasmic pies and falling in love with her gynecologist.

There is distinctly Sara Bareilles–y music by Sara Bareilles, but the show belongs to Mueller, whose uniquely soulful voice can, and will, bring you to tears.

The game was spurred by snide comments from the then-55-year-old Riggs.

He belittled female tennis players like King, who at 29 was the best women tennis player in the nation.

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