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FRANK MUGISHA: Now what happens if right now people come and take me away and I disappear forever and I'm never seen again?

What happens if the neighbours just decide, if they have a meeting and say "Let's go kill this homosexual tonight" Daily life on the street has become even more difficult for Uganda's sexual minorities since the campaign for the bill began.

Meanwhile, in a very different part of the world, a very different mood towards gays - in Uganda, in Africa, they're currently drafting a bill introducing draconian punishment for gays, including - almost unbelievably - the death penalty for not much more than just being gay. REPORTER: Aaron Lewis Frank Mugisha drives fast and he almost always takes Kampala's back roads.

He believes it is not safe for him to linger anywhere in public because Frank is a homosexual in a country where 'gay' is the dirtiest of words.

Click here to view the ILGA’s map showing the situation around the world.

PASTOR MOSES MALE: I'm the leader of the National Coalition Against Homosexuality and Sexual Abusers in Uganda.Some of those countries also have registered unions for gay couples.And just this week, Fidel Castro acknowledged the 'great injustice’ against homosexuals in Cuba during his rule in the 1960s and 70s, regretting that security issues meant he didn’t pay enough attention to the issue.This is a coalition that was established in 2008 and we say the time has come for us to equip our people, to sensitise them that many people fall victims of homosexuality - the homosexuality cult - are minimised and that is why;. Homosexuality has always been a criminal offence in Uganda, but last year, parliament began drafting the Anti-homosexual Bill, 2009.Tonight's popular radio session with Moses Male is just one of many in a long campaign. PREACHER: If you leave your country to go down with homosexuality, with sin you'll go to hell - you perish - you fail. The bill calls for new penalties including the death sentence for homosexual acts. DAVID BAHATI, AUTHOR - ANTI HOMOSEXUAL BILL: The time is appropriate because this is the time when actual homosexuality has almost conquered the West - it has taken over, the influence of homosexuals in the US has increased.

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