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This number makes this product the most successful dating product of all time.

I bought the product five years ago and I tested its principles again in field in October 2017.

We are already taking legal steps.”Wow…I didn’t expect that. If there will be a discount in the future, as many valuable bonuses as Joshua Pellicer’s system. You can download the e Book, the bonus e Books, the audio files and all the videos in the member’s area. The combination of the e Book, the bonus books, the video seminars, the webinars, and the audio files give you everything you need to become a successful seducer. Increasing your self-confidence, approaching, shit tests, improving your body language, reading body language, creating love, mistakes to avoid, qualifying, attractive walking, sexual escalation, demonstrating high value, building rapport, avoiding the friend zone, breaking up with a girl, preventing cheating, polygamous relationships, bantering, creating attraction, personal development, inner game, eye contact, touching, female psychology and texting. Heck, even though the original idea was to design a product for bars and clubs (Joshua told me that), the techniques work in malls, on the street, and at any other place. If you are willing to leave your comfort zone and to take action, this product will make you a better seducer. Yes, The Tao of Badass has been hyped as the Holy Grail. After buying, testing, and reviewing Joshua Pellicer’s flagship product, I have to admit something that I thought I would never admit: I can no longer recommend The Female Mind Control System as the best dating product for beginners because there’s a new king on the throne. Listen: The Tao of Badass is the most sold (more than 100.000 happy customers) and most hyped dating product on the market.

You’ll find a lot of ads on the internet that offer the product for or even . Some of those sites will link to the correct presentation video that allows you to order for the regular price (even though a discount is advertised). And it for sure doesn’t offer that much personal development and inner game advice. Of course, you can also read, watch, and listen to everything in the member’s area. I bought the product five years ago and I tested its principles again in field in October 2017.

It truly is the best dating product for total beginners and aspiring seducers. He’s an expert in psychology, neuro linguistic programming, and communication who has worked with some of the most famous people in the personal development and dating industry.

Even the freaking goldfish in the free video presentation makes sense once you purchase the product.

Eventually, I had to admit that the product is hyped but not overhyped. Joshua Pellicer is not a scam artist and he’s more than a pickup artist.

Thanks to the bootcamp with Sasha Daygame I wasn’t afraid to walk up to girls and to introduce myself. Anyway, they work, even though it was never Joshua’s intention to use them as text messages…and even though there’s a way better product for texting girls. And I also agree with the advice on how to get out of the friend zone (and on how to avoid it in the first place). It’s one thing to share the principles that influenced my seduction style. Most of the techniques I tested with random girls are from The Tao of Badass Ultimate Package 5-part video series. I always considered it as a complete waste of time.

It’s another thing to share my own while putting the Tao of Badass system to the test. Heck, that’s why one of the only guest posts I ever published is about building rapport. I always tried to build rapport BEFORE the attraction phase. I did it with my girlfriend (sorry, honey) and and grabbed my head.

The Tao of Badass…You clicked on this review because you’ve heard about this dating product. The Tao of Badass is the most sold (more than 100.000 happy customers) and most hyped dating product on the market.

Or maybe your best friend is one of the more than 100.000 men who purchased it. Even though the name of the product reminds me of a karate movie and the name of the author is impossible to pronounce, this e Book has helped men all over the world to get girls.

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