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But if all that sounds a bit real, you’ll be surprised to learn that walk along the promenade is a genuine delight at night with the amazing lights! One of the best addresses for this is the restaurant Republic located in Zalka.This is a haunt of extremely good looking, wealthy, young men and their stunning, high heeled girlfriends, much to the distraction of the abundant, attractive and attentive waiters.These clubs are frequented by locals and the exotic music animates spontaneous belly dancing.The entrance fee of around US (€16) includes an open bar, so once you arrive you end up staying long after sunrise.and a width of more than 100 m., Poniente Beach offers a number of shops, bars, restaurants, night clubs, hotels directly overlooking the sea, perfect for families with children, it is very close to the inner city and the old town center extending over a promontory, a very interesting spot for the curious tourists so attracted by its churches, monuments and surrounding areas.The wonderful city of Benidorm is one of the most popular cities on the world-famous Costa Blanca, stretching over 200 km.At the end of the yacht basin is the Hotel St George, the ‘in’ spot in the 1960s, now a derelict shell caught in disputes with local investors.This is also the neighborhood of the former Holiday Inn hotel, partly destroyed by mortars decades ago and the place where a car bomb killed Rafik Hariri, the former prime minister, in 2005. There are numerous outdoor restaurants where one can enjoy a water pipe and the warm evening breeze along with the delicious and varied Lebanese cuisine.

Take a taxi because this place is difficult to find. The sauna itself is on the lower floor with a dry and steam sauna and a Jacuzzi, with cubicles for massages and scrubbing.

Especially popular is the phallic shaped stalagmite which stands on the path on the main cave.

A boat takes you through the lower cave on a 7km ride.

Nowadays Arab visitors from Saudi Arabia or Jordan seek carnal pleasure here without the religious restrictions which they are subject to at home.

A recommendation which will help pass the time until the clubs are busy is the Armenian Restaurant Mayrig (282 Pasteur Street, Gemayzeh).

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