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After enough rejections she got fed up and just left all together. If a person leaves observance because he has intellectual issues with Torah or is not able to maintain his faith in a world with so much suffering that’s one thing. If you’re in the Centrist or Modern Orthodox world and are willing to host someone (who has left the Haredi or Hasidic world) for a Shabbos and/or if you will help advocate for them to get a place in your school, then please comment below (scroll down past the Facebook comment section). This is not a perfect solution to the problem, but this is my attempt to be like Aryeh Kaplan’s dear roommate and do some lifting when someone out there needs help.

But if a person leaves observance because the people failed have him, then that’s something else. So here is my modest attempt to do more than just talk. I tend to have a hard time hearing ‘the laws’ and the ‘shoulds’ and the ‘musts’…but I have to say, your wit and humor in getting these messages across got me listening.

(I have no idea, by the way, if the Hasidic or Haredi world has any resources for modern Orthodox Jews who transition into their community, but if there’s a need and nothing exists, then someone should start something!

) Over the course of the year, a lot of conversations on this topic have been had with many different people, but nothing concrete has been done because no one was ready to partner with me on this and I’m already insanely busy running Jew in the City and taking care of my family.

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I told them we need some sort of resource for people in this situation.

A few years later, he felt a pull to come back and give a try again.

So he went to his local modern Orthodox shul for Shabbos.

I met such a couple over a year ago when I spoke in Rockland county.

This couple had been raised in one of the strictest Hasidic sects and did not feel that they could remain in it anymore.

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