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The result was heart wrenching as she tried to explain why she had to back off.

As I pondered the danger of snoozing in a leaking boat, I recalled a feature of lovemaking that I, being unmarried, suddenly found alarming.

The Continental experience at that time is amusingly illustrated by a letter that Sigmund Freud wrote to Sándor Ferenczi in 1931 playfully admonishing him to stop kissing his patients, in which Freud warned lest "a number of independent thinkers in matters of technique will say to themselves: Why stop at a kiss?

If we were alone with a stranger of ill repute, alarm bells would be blaring within us.

What matters is what you do right now to protect yourself from those moments.

I began wondering how far back from intercourse one must begin the fight.

Teenagers sometimes play party games in which making out is the main activity as an act of exploration.

Games in this category include seven minutes in heaven and spin the bottle.

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