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Oil discoveries in the early 1900s began an economic boom and today the state is a leader in export revenue.

It is also a major producer in agriculture (it has 16 million cattle), petrochemicals, electronics and aerospace.

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anyway this script started with me finding inspiration. austin is full of inspiration; i just need to find it. granted the soco area of austin is the place everyone goes for hip culture and other interesting things to look at, but I had to start somewhere. wednesday i found myself in the midst of a job / networking interview next to a little gray house that appeared to be a bakery. i will be working right away, but have no idea what. we have a brand me baby boy when we bought this home. this home has seen good times, comfortable times are good time. i said to Nicole the other day that our boy will most likely marry a texan now. it’s interesting and scary to think that we may have changed there lives forever.

whether it be creative or just motivation to stay on a path, i need to find it. i’m sure i took pictures of things that everyone takes pictures of, but whatever. arriving in the austin area we knew there was great food and great culture, but where? i logged it in the internal map area of my brain and vowed to return. i’ll be riding on sunday september 24th here in austin. most of you reading this know that i have spent the last eleven years as an entrepreneur. a transaction will transfer my shares back to the company. it’s hard to believe that in the next three to six months we will be living in a new home, going to new schools and working new jobs. when ones children are younger you think you have time to fix things you screw up.

i’ll get less hip, and more remote as I spend more time here. austin – soco images the best and worst thing about being new to a community is you don’t know anything. yesterday I spent most of the morning and part of the afternoon getting to know katie and her husband marcio. That mix creates a fun coffee and bake shop experience. specifically the last seven have been brewing over with Lost Coffee. it seems uneventful that something as simple as a “transaction” can bring to a close something that has defined your public image for so long. i hope that is the path nicole and i are on is best for them, and us.

they own Casa Costa Bake Shop, the little gray house at bagdad st & w willis st in Leander. if you find yourself living or visiting the northwest area of austin texas please stop in.

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